About us

Humanity instead of self-service

The Red House is more than just a hotel and meeting place for Europeans and Greenlanders. It was founded more than 30 years ago by Robert Peroni's love for the people in this unique habitat and grew steadily and gently since then. Learn more about the tough beginnings in a land which didn't know tourism until then and get to know the nowadays team.

Our team

We – the Red House Team – mediate with much joy the differences and similarities of the Greenlandic and European lifestyles with all their facets. We're looking forward to meet you - warm welcome to East Greenland!

The Red House - Eastgreenland - Über uns
The Red House - Eastgreenland - Über uns

Our story

More than 30 years ago the at that time extreme athlete Robert Peroni from South Tirol camt to Greenland for one expedition which changed his whole life. In the interview with Rupert Bertagnolli in the year 2006 he explained about his motives for the origination of The Red House.

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