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Greenland - the name was chosen by Erik the Red, who as far as we know was the first European to discover the island, and who wanted to persuade his people at home to come to settle here. In Greenlandic, the country is called Kallalit Nunaat - "country of the people". In Western Greenlandic, the inhabitants call themselves "Inuit", in Eastern Greenlandic "Ivi", both expressions simply meaning "human beings". The expression "Eskimo", still commonly used outside Greenland and Canada, is not used here since it means "eater of raw meat" (in former times the Greenlanders had no fire for cooking), and is felt to be an insult.

Greenland is the largest island on earth, over two million square kilometres; at the same time it is also the country with the fewest inhabitants. Although the inhabitants all originate from the same roots, Greenland today is actually three countries as to landscape, culture, society and language.
    Greenland, the largest island on earth, is fascinating: its landscapes, its inhabitants, their history, culture and society.