in The Red House hotel in Tasiilaq,
the capital of East Greenland at the Kong Oscar Fjord.


Experience icebergs on their journey and the
awesome Greenlandic continental ice sheet.

Magic Greenland

Let your soul catch a glimpse of shaman country.

Infinite landscape

Natural freedom to the white horizon.

Expedition into the white

Where wind soughs and snow crystals swirl their wild dance through the air.

Find yourself at the end of the world.

The THE RED HOUSE hotel, with its homelike, personal atmosphere is open to visitors from all over the world –
not only for accommodation but also as an interface with the lively Inuit culture.

THE RED HOUSE EXPEDITION SERVICE advises clients and ensures successful tours.

T H E   R E D   H O U S E   N E E D S   Y O U R   H E L P !
The Covid-19 pandemic hit the house hard. Since March no visitors have been able to come to the Red House in Tasiilaq. The many cancellations leave a huge hole in our finances, so the Red House urgently needs your support. We want to welcome you again next year and rehire our staff. To get through this difficult time some of our international guides have started a call for donations on GoFundMe. Please have a look, share the campaign and support us! Even small amounts help!


On tour with dog sledges

Get to know the traditional Inuit culture with its essential mode of transportation necessary for survival.

Ski touring dreamland

East Greenland offers countless mountaintops with fantastic panoramic views over hidden fjords, the giant icecap and the endless polar stream.

Snowshoe hiking – relaxing to challenging

When the hiking boot sinks into white and sparkling crystal powder, the snowshoe carries one uphill to stunning views.

Close-up ice by boat

Get next to floating glacier giants and sparkling icebergs on our guided boat tours.

Trekking unlimited

Feel the beauty and freedom of Greenland’s nature on a multi-day hiking tour with overnight stay in the tent.


Robert Peroni RSI

Robert Peroni RSI

Sono soprattutto le vaste distese silenziose di una terra in cui la natura è ancora predominante sull’uomo, a colpire in questo documentario: il fascino delle distese e degli altipiani groenlandesi colpì fortemente, ormai più di trent’anni fa, anche l’ospite che siederà nello studio di Storie, Robert Peroni.

Film (SLO): Last Ice Hunters

Film (SLO):
Last Ice Hunters

The movie THE LAST ICE HUNTERS tells the story of the present generation of hunters in the Inuit community of Eastern Greenland, and represents the final chapter in their long history.

Trento Film Festival

Trento Film Festival

Fausta Slanzi and Carlo Ancona interviewed Robert Peroni about his latest book „In quei giorni di tempesta“ at the Trento Film Festival 2017.

Book (D): Kälte, Wind und Freiheit

Book (D):
Kälte, Wind und Freiheit

A Greenland-Crossing in the 80ties becomes a turning point in Robert Peroni's life. Deeply impressed by the beauty of the nature and the kindness of the Inuit the adventurer and professional mountaineer decides to stay at the rugged east coast of Greenland.

Book (IT): In quei giorni di tempesta

Book (IT):
In quei giorni di tempesta

I demoni si sono risvegliati, questo dicono gli inuit quando arriva una tempesta, e alla Casa Rossa, l‘albergo che da anni Robert Peroni gestisce in Groenlandia, ci si prepara allo scatenarsi degli elementi.

ZEIT: Im ewigen Eis

ZEIT: Im ewigen Eis

Greenlands huge ice shield covers 80 percent of the island. But the ice is melting - and with it the Inuit tradition.



Robert Peroni is restless mountaineer and adventurer. Only a desastrous record crossing of Greenland opens his eyes for his madness. An Inuit settlement becomes his home. Article by Peter Haffner in mare, edition No. 115.

Robert Peroni, Interview with Stefan Parrisius

Robert Peroni, Interview with Stefan Parrisius

The indigenous people of Greenland gave themselves a simple plain name, they call themselves "humans" = Inuit. When the adventurer Robert Peroni meets them he changes his life and finds inner satisfaction in Greenland.

Robert Peroni TEDX Trento

Robert Peroni
TEDX Trento

Una vita tra gli inuit. Alpinista estremo sotto i riflettori del mondo per molti anni, e poi umile testimone della lenta e forse inesorabile estinzione di una etnia millenaria con la quale ha voluto condividere più di vent‘anni di vita. Per capire.

Robert Peroni, Ara Pacis, Rom

Robert Peroni,
Ara Pacis, Rom

Un intervento di Robert Peroni, durante l‘undicesima puntata della seconda stagione di „Roma InConTra-Ara Pacis“ il format tv di Enrico Cisnetto.

Robert Peroni „Il grande cocomero“

Robert Peroni „Il grande cocomero“

Sempre in tema di sport, Linus intervista Robert Peroni, l‘esploratore altoatesino che presenta il libro ‚Dove il vento grida più forte‘.



Filmmaker Humbi Entress accompanies Robert Peroni to the fulfilment of a dream: his last expedition onto the Greenlandic inland ice cap - to the white horizon.

Your dreams are about ice, snow and sun? Then the only destination is East Greenland

With its sheer endless glacier covered plateau Greenland is the paradise for all who love the winter, the silence, the snow and the sun - by foot, by ski, or by dog sledge - the traditional greenlandic way. Everybody finds fulfillment here in the crystal snow and ice: the ethusiastic nordic ski glider, the passionate alpine ski tourer, the extreme icewall and glacier climber. Recently the snow shoe hiking get's more and more popular for the hidden and wide valleys and smooth view point hills. And the latest finding: the fastest glacier of our planet flows with 15 to 20 km per year towards the crystal clear waters of Sermilik Fjord here in East Greenland.


East Greenland is exceptional

Ragged mountaintops rise steeply from the sea and winding fjords filled with sparkling colourful icebergs shape its landscape. Along Greenland’s east coast flows the world’s largest and longest ice stream, which carries all the drift-ice from the pole basin even from Siberia and Alaska. Let yourself be inspired by this elemental and virgin scenery.

Robert Peroni

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