Kayaking in East Greenland's fjords

Fjord wonderland

Greenland surely is one of the most spectacular sea kayak destinations of the world. The fjords in the Tasiilaq region provide an unadulterated outdoor experience. Paddle with the stable sea kayak

through the wonderful fjords and along icebergs like the Inuit hunters. The sea kayak tour is the most authentic way of exploring and enjoying the east Greenlandic fjord scenery.

The kayak is one of the strongest symbols of Greenland, reflecting the adaptability of its People.

Robert Peroni

Tours and equipment rental

The Red House expedition service rents sea kayaks with paddles, spray skirts and lifejackets. You can go on tour self guided if you are experienced:

  • Short trip in the Kong Oscar Fjord
  • Multi-day tours along the coast line
  • Multi-days tour with kayak transfer by boat to remote fjords
The Red House - Eastgreenland - Aktivitäten - Kajak
The Red House - Eastgreenland - Aktivitäten - Kajak
The Red House - Eastgreenland - Aktivitäten - Kajak
The Red House - Eastgreenland - Aktivitäten - Kajak

Whales in the arctic ice

East Greenland is one of the few areas in the world where you can watch whales in the drift ice. Depending on the season, you may spot orcas, finback, humpback whale, narwhale or sei whale and of course seals.
You paddle in between impressive icebergs and ice sheets through the fjords or, if you are an experienced sea kayaker, along the coastline. The unlimited horizon and feeling of freedom will captivate and enchant you.

The Red House - Eastgreenland - Aktivitäten - Kajak

Specialities of east Greenlandic waters

The water temperature is just a little over the zero-degree mark. As a result, kayaking experience is highly encouraged.
Up-to-date information about currents, tides and winds will be provided on the spot.

The Red House - Eastgreenland - Aktivitäten - Kajak

Tour around Tiniteqilaaq

It’s a special highlight to paddle in the ice-filled Sermilik fjord amongst the icebergs. On the tour you pass by the idyllic village Tiniteqilaaq, the abandoned settlement Ikateq and the archaeological spot Pupik with its two earth houses.

Robert Peroni

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